- Submissions for Publication -

Although we are a small publishing house with a limited budget, Dodo Bird Publishing, Recordings and Press does still look for original works of prose, poetry, spoken word and music - that we can believe in and put our efforts toward
printing and promoting.

For literary works, a query letter via
e-mail is appreciated for initial proposals - after which writing samples may be requested through the standard mail.

For audio proposals, a query via
e-mail is appreciated - along with a brief sound file attachment for review.

Send initial queries to:
or through the Contact Us link
  at the top of the page.

- Submitting Publications, Recordings & Art Work For Distribution -

Do You have independently published small press publications OR independently produced recordings ?
If so, send us a sample of some of your work so we can review it.  If we like it we'll list it here on our site.
We promote your work by placing it up for sale
And all orders are fulfilled by purchasing directly from the artist - So, you always get paid up front.

-We Always Give Full Credit To The Independent Artist or Your Independent Label -
and only list Dodo Bird as the distributor

Send all material for review to:
Dodo Bird- Publishing, Recording & Art Distribution
P.O. Box 4143
Saint Joseph, MO

Please Remember - We are a very small company with limited staff and limited funds! 
We can't guarantee that we will purchase or sell a lot of your work -
but we'd love to see it!

- Placing Orders -

  We accept orders for all of our publications,    recordings and other products via standard mail.  Types of payment accepted are Cash, Check, Money Order and Pay Pal.

Please include your shipping information along with your order request.
Most orders are shipped within 1 or 2 days of their being received.

Your Satisfaction with all of our items is guaranteed - or you will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

All Shipping within the United States is Free.

Send all orders and payments to:
Dodo Bird Publishing
P.O. Box 4143
Saint Joseph, MO
"Preserving and Promoting the Independent, the Unusual, the Eclectic and the Rare."
Dodo Bird Publishing is a small press that began in 1998, dedicated to the idea of promoting unique and talented artists whose work deserves a place in the world, beyond the simply local or regional.   Artists whose work defies any easy categorization, but that still speaks to our intelligence and humanity- with its truth, humor, beauty and original approach to literature, music & art.
We pursue the goal of bringing the work of both  new and established artists to a wider audience.
P.O. Box 4143, Saint Joseph, MO.  64504
-Dodo Bird-
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