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                                    - Conger Beasley -  

    In Holy Warriors, Conger Beasley, Jr. has revived the epic structure.  Singing out        a largely untouched piece of Celtic history, Beasley steps outside the modern
  malaise to document and poeticize a genre that many feel has fallen into neglect.
  Avoiding the snares and pitfalls contemporary writers often suffer, Beasley stays
  true to his passion for historic and mythic detail, while still managing to channel
  traces of magic realism throughout the text.  A feat of this magnitude may be lost
  in the mainstream of contemporary poetry, but it won't be lost on those who still
  cherish a sense of adventure.  To board a boat and set sail for the unknown - what
  braver deed has there ever been?

                                                                           from the Preface, by Hans Bremer

92 pages